About This Book

Poker Tilt is an upcoming book planned to be released in Spring 2014. This tell-all book gives an insider's point of view of what life is like as a professional poker player. Poker Tilt will reveals some of the closely held trade secrets that most pros are reluctant to reveal.

About the Authors

Poker Tilt is a collaborative effort by long-time professional poker player Dutch Boyd and real estate author Laurence Samuels. Laurence and Dutch met through a poker training site, PokerClinic.com, where Dutch gives one-on-one poker lessons over Skype. After several private poker lessons, Laurence suggested that the two work together on writing the book. Since then, the two have spent hundreds of hours outlining and building the content for Poker Tilt. They are currently hard at work writing Poker TIlt in its final form and plan on releasing the book Spring 2014. Show your support and pre-order your copy today!

Preorder the Book

We are putting the finishing touches on the Poker Tilt book and expect it to be completed Spring 2014, before the main event. Preorder the book now to lock in $5 off the release price!